Skilled Personal Connections

The Key to International Business Success.

Native-language Support

Our San Francisco and Japan-based customer support staff share the same native languages with your customers, so they can build trust and sales effectively.

Because they grew up in the countries and neighborhoods of your customers, they can listen for what is really going on under the words.

Experienced and Proactive
They are experienced in Direct Sales compensation plans, incentives, and promotions. They know what motivates leaders and teams, and how to watch for what will tear them down..

Multi-channel Communication

Asian-market customers expect very personal attention and high levels of customer service. We provide it, through dedicated local phone, fax and email,

Customer Retention is Key

We know that customer retention empowers your field leaders to build successful teams. Our client companies spend millions to bring customers in the door. Our job is to facilitate customer / client communications so those customers stay as loyal as possible for as long as possible..