Delivery Logistics

Personal Import and Bulk Import Solutions

Reliable, Cost-Effective Product Delivery

There is no reason to pay for the infrastructure to handle high shipment volumes before you need them. Use our in-place staff and systems to cost-effectively ship to even a small number of customers.

Multiple Solutions

USA-Direct has shipped millions of dollars worth of product to individual customers under personal import restrictions (NFR).

Depending on your sales volume and product regsitration status, we can ship directly to your customers from San Francisco, Hong Kong, Osaka and Tokyo.

Bulk Imports

Our registered import operations provide testing certification, product registration, import inspection, relabeling, warehousing and fulfillment.

Returns Processing

Personal Import (NFR) programs typically have issues with returns (products refused, not deliverable or otherwise) . USA-Direct local staff can receive, inspect, and store returns locally, for quick, responsive and controlled returns management.