Company Registration

Move smoothly from NFR to Hybrid to full OTG

Build Your Business Your Way

Not For Resale (NFR) personal-import programs allow you to legally and effectively reach customers with your current products and opportunity. 

Move Rapidly — Seize Your opportunities! USA-Direct will work with your existing software, products, and sales strategies so you can build sales through NFR programs that let you evaluate your options and build results without committing unrecoverable capital or losing flexibility.

NFR to Hybrid to Full OTG

Our experienced staff will work with you to scale your support program and local footprint as your sales grow. From NFR programs, through "Hybrid" programs — in which we register, warehouse and distribute your products for legal resale, but you don't need to register a local entity — to full On The Ground operation with local staffing,

USA-Direct can adjust with your rate of growth to keep your costs under control and your opportunity in reach.

Act Local, Maintain Control

Foreign entity registration is one of the biggest steps you will take as your business grows in Japan. It represents capital investment, regulatory exposure, and historically it requires ceding local control.

USA-Direct is experienced with the requirements and strategies for controlling exposure and maintaining control. Talk with us about your OTG options before you take the plunge.