Sell and Motivate

Localize your marketing content so it delivers in another language

Translation does not produce sales. Selling requires an understanding of the customer's culture, values and hot buttons. Successfully delivering your direct sales message in another country requires language skills combined with cultural awareness, and a deep understanding of the direct sales business.

USA-Direct has the skills, knowledge and production experience to deliver your message to new markets across a wide range of media. Direct corporate messaging sets the story in the market. Sales agents and customers are hungry for the hot topics and inside angles that only corporate con provide. You have already invested in your story in English. We can channel your intent in the language of your new customers.

Print Media

For inserts, flyers, brochures, banners, labels, product packaging and more, USA-Direct can reproduce your existing English media in localized formats. We can work with your vendors or provide complete turn-key deliverables.


Direct Sales companies frequently have complex, database-driven websites. We speak both graphics and "tech," so we can enable our clients to do rapid, effective, localized content updates to their corporate and promotional sites.


Is your company a video powerhouse? Why not multiply your impact with sales-savvy subtitles or voiceovers in the languages of your emerging international markets? USA-Direct can get your multimedia assets selling for you.