Warehouse in Japan

Register your products for local retail sales and delivery.

Personal Import  (NFR) shipped directly to your Japanese customers from outside of Japan is the most flexible way to test and develop your marketing program there.

Once you know what works, and sales are growing, registering your products for legal in-country resale gives you the ability to stock locally, deliver almost instantly, and offer your distributors the chance to resell in large volumes.

USA-Direct is a registered importer in Japan. We specialize in US Direct Sales products, and work hard to make them importable in situations where a traditional local importer might simply decline to take them on..

We offer turn-key coordination of

  • testing certification
  • government import approval
  • import inspection and relabeling
  • warehousing
  • fulfillment

Once your products have been imported, we can provide complete storage and fulfillment services. Our local contracts enable us to provide highly-competitive 1 and 2-Day shipping to virtually any address in Japan.

This "instant access" to product powers sales growth, because new distributors have product in their hands while they are still full of excitement. Often they will sign up one day, and be opening their new product delivery the next day.