Plug into Japan and other Asian markets quickly and effectively —
with minimum disruption to your current business systems.

The Opportunity

Customers in Japan and Asia want to purchase American products and participate in American opportunities. They are social networkers, hungry for an international experience. They have vast purchasing power. They could be your best customers — if you can reach them.

USA-Direct can help you extend your sales reach into Japan and the rest of Asia. Our unique combination of real-world experience, technical and sales resources, and local footprint give us the operational flexibility to support your current domestic programs so you can quickly plug in, test, grow, and establish your brand in Asia.

Get Connected!

USA-Direct lets you quickly achieve and cost-effectively achieve the two key things you need to make your business expansion a success:
1) Talk to your customers.
2) Deliver their purchases.

Talk with your Customers

Be there Now! Let us support you in talking with your new customers.

Our San Francisco and Osaka-based staff are native-language speakers matching the customers they serve. They are trained and experienced with direct sales programs and their needs.

Deliver their Purchases

Experienced NFR and OTG Shipping 

USA-Direct has shipped millions of dollars worth of NFR and OTG goods to our clients' customers. You can leverage our experience for fast, proven results.


USA-Direct can take you seamlessly from NFR market development through full On The Ground registered operation. 
Product registration, business registration, accounting, and operations management are ready when you need them. Why wait? Contact us today, and be operational within weeks!

Localize your
Marketing Materials

Change Languages with losing your Marketing Impact

Translation can cost more sales than it wins. Effectively converting sales materials requires an understanding of the culture and language cues of the person receiving your message.

Register your Products
for Legal Resale

Empower your Distributors for Increased Local Sales

USA-Direct is a government-ceritfied importer in Japan. We have the staff and experience necessary to properly register your products for legal local resale.

Transistion Seamlessly from NFR
to full "On The Ground" Operation

Let us Facilitate and Manage Every Step

From the speed and flexibility of an NFR launch through Hybrid OTG to full OTG operation, We help you get the best results for your business at each step.